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Insight on the PHTLS Course held at AIIMS Rishikesh on 26th & 27th October

Insight on the PHTLS Course held at AIIMS Rishikesh on 26th & 27th October

AIIMS is not a new name for the people of India and is considered the best medical institution and research centre pan India. AIIMS Rishikesh is one of the newest members to join the line of AIIMS institutions under the amendment of the Government of India.

In October last week, AIIMS Rishikesh organized a 2-day live hands-on training workshop on PHTLS Course for a group of students. What we all can understand from the top tier medical institution in India taking Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support is the rise of importance and acceptance to Trauma Care Training in India. This has already been accepted in American and European countries. And the change in saving lives is worth noting.

The field of medicine like other core branches of sciences is something that needs to be evolved in time. Age-old practices are no more productive in this modern world of demanding healthcare. But the mission still remains the same- saving lives and providing medical care. Pre Hospital Care Training is therefore one of the most needed skill courses for doctors & nurses as in most cases the victims require medical attention at the moment of fatality and not after minutes from the incident. And this skill should be first started with doctors as they are the primary physicians who face the victim immediately. The better and quicker, a physician can deliver to the victim, the higher are the chances to save the victim.

The Department of Trauma Surgery & Critical Care of AIIMS Rishikesh in association with the Advanced Centre of Continuous Professional Development organized this 2- day workshop on the 26th and 27th of October consecutively. The session started with the importance of PHTLS in Indian Medicine followed by a theoretical session where students learnt the principles. The second day brought a practical experience through medical simulation for students who were guided by PHTLS practitioners.

View moments of PHTLS workshop conducted in AIIMS Rishikesh!

Advanced Centre of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a new initiative formed on 1st January 2020 to adapt medical professionals in AIIMS Rishikesh to the latest trends in the healthcare system. As you can see, CPD has recognized the importance of PHTLS Course. So if you are a medical aspirant who wishes to work in the modern healthcare ecosystem, it is highly recommended for you to take PHTLS or ITLS from reputed centres such as IIEMS.

IIEMS offers Trauma Courses in India with centres located in Kerala- Kottayam(headquarters of IIEMS), Kochi and Trivandrum. We also conduct live disaster workshops in other states of India. You can join for any sessions by checking the link below where we update our sessions regularly.

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