Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services (IIEMS) is a premier Emergency Medicine, Trauma Care, Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Management Training Institute in India having its headquarters in Kerala-India also popularly known as ‘God’s Own Country’. We are a group of dedicated Healthcare Consultants, Instructors, and Specialists from USA, Europe, and India working together for the advancement of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services, and Disaster Management for the people across the globe.

We are engaged in education and promotion of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Response System and Services, and Disaster Management. Postgraduate training in emergency medicine and advanced training programs for healthcare providers is one of the important services that we are specialized in. Providing Technical Assistance (TA) and training for establishing emergency medical response system and disaster management is yet another area in which we have specialization. Over the past one decade, we have trained more than 4,00,000 Healthcare Professionals including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and First Responders etc. from various parts of the Indian subcontinent.



Medical Courses
  • Healthcare Professonal Programs 15,000
    Healthcare Professional Programs & continuing
  • Emergency Medical Responders 4,00,000
    Healthcare Professionals & Non-Healthcare First Responders
  • Trained Program 250
    Trained personnels

We understand your training needs. Keeping this in mind, we bring the best training programs from across the world. You can choose from the various courses that suits your background, time constraints, and continuing medical education etc. We are the one and only Organization in the Indian subcontinent who is affiliated to the world’s most popular organizations engaged in providing advanced training programs in Emergency/Critical Care Management and Disaster Management.

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Where we are

Our world headquarters is in Sugarland, Texas, USA. Most of our training programs are coordinated and conducted by our Indian wing known as “Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services” operating from its corporate office situated in Kottayam, Kerala the southernmost state of India. We have a wide network of Regional Training Centers (RTC) across the Indian subcontinent with a great array of faculties from around the world. Our faculties are highly experienced and well known in the field of Emergency Medicine, Trauma Care, Emergency Medical Services, and Disaster Management.

President’s Message

It is with great pleasure and pride that I introduce the Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services (IIEMS) to you. During my past 27 years as an Emergency Medicine Physician and EMS Medical director in USA, I have had the opportunity to witness first hand the vast differences in Emergency Medical Care Systems and the care available, between the two countries. During this period, I have had the opportunity to come down to India many times as an American Heart Association (AHA) and International Trauma and Life Support (ITLS) faculty and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) consultant to train healthcare providers in emergency/trauma care and life support services.

Emergency Medicine (EM) is one of the youngest of medical specialities in India and in the formal and organized manner that it is practiced in developed countries, is still in its infancy in India. Today we do not have good system in India to train, support, and assist healthcare providers to be effective and efficient in building a good EM and EMS system in India. It is due to this need that I founded IIEMS, a charitable organization, which is dedicated to promoting Emergency Medicine and EMS in India.

Any organization which provides emergency care to the community will concur that being EMS-ready is a huge challenge. Having the right people for the right job is often too demanding on a system which is struggling to find the “best hands”. As per studies conducted by various organizations on Emergency Medicine (EM) in India, it is believed that India continues to face acute shortage of trained EM and EMS specialists and staff to deal with the growing number of road accident victims and patients who require timely emergency/trauma care.

Having one’s existing staff trained in internationally accepted EM and EMS protocols is the easiest and only way to solve this shortage of ‘right people for the right job’. In USA and Europe, well-trained staff have often helped most hospitals to cut down the mortality rate drastically by practicing according to these guidelines and saving lives.

I’m sure we can help you and your organization be emergency ready, thus save many more lives and be one of the best healthcare organization in the country. Don’t hesitate to contact us because we are always happy to help!!

George P Abraham, MD FRCS, FACS, MHA
President & Managing Trustee
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