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When Google met Indian Institute of Emergency Medicine Services!

When Google met Indian Institute of Emergency Medicine Services!

Many people still consider Emergency Medical Course as something medical professionals are supposed to do. But the word ‘emergency’ as you know means a situation that cannot wait for someone or something to happen!

This emergency can happen anywhere and at any time, sometimes at the least unexpected times. This is where the importance of people knowing Courses in Emergency & Disaster comes useful. Such people can save lives in critical situations.

It is common that a person spends most of his time on a normal day at work other than being at home. So, mathematically speaking there are more chances of emergency situations happening at work! Corporate First Aid Training can help working professionals to help and support each other in such situations. This is the reason why corporate companies should adopt the basics of CPR Training (AHA) and First Aid Course (AHA).

Google as a corporate responsible organization embraced the Emergency Medical Responder Training by providing AHA approved First Aid CPR AED Heartsaver course from IIEMS to their Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai offices.

Check out the highlights of First Aid CPR AED Heartsaver training organized at Google!

This is just the starting of welcoming the need for emergency medical courses at work culture. Soon many companies, be it tech companies or non- tech companies can adopt these techniques with the intention to provide safety training to all members of the community.

Moreover, these medical courses are helpful for every individual in their life outside the work life. They become assets for society saving lives and supporting the frontline healthcare workers.

With this activity, IIEMS urges every community to get training in courses such as BLS Course which do not require prior medical knowledge. As we all are social beings, learning these skill courses can come in handy no matter wherever you are.

IIEMS is authorised to offer American Heart Association Courses in India at centres all over India. We are located in South India with headquarters in Kottayam and other branches at Ernakulam (Kochi) and Trivandrum. From time to time, this BLS ACLS Training Center offers disaster workshops, medical simulations and awareness to everyone from laymen to doctors and nurses.