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Common doubts you have about BLS Course!

Common doubts you have about BLS Course!

In a way, you can say that BLS is an advanced CPR Course. Many of you are aware to give a CPR but only a few know the science behind the CPR execution. This is learned in BLS Course. Students in IIEMS join for a BLS ACLS Certification (AHA) to complete the full understanding of the course. While we have previously seen FAQs on the ACLS Course, this time we get to the basics of the BLS Course.

Let’s skip the ‘About BLS Course’, ‘what all topics are covered in the BLS Course’, ‘who are all eligible to take the BLS ACLS Training’ etc parts as you may already know that or if you are new, do take time to check IIEMS BLS Course to know more details.

Here are few questions everyone who wishes to take a BLS Course have in mind

. Can you rely on the Online BLS Course?

Online courses are nothing new today as almost all courses and training are conducted online. Similarly, a lot of candidates apply for BLS Certification and recertification. So most candidates prefer getting an online BLS training.

When going for online BLS courses, AHA-certified BLS Courses are only considered valid certifications. You will also receive a BLS provider card at the end of the online course.

. How does an Online BLS Certification work?

Sign up for an online BLS course that seems fair to you. You can start by checking for their google ratings, center availabilities, faculties, and testimonials. Further, you can contact them to know more. Leave us a message on our Contact page to know more details on the online BLS Course provided by IIEMS.

After signing up, you will be given an orientation course which will be followed by pre-recorded videos and study materials. Complete the given practice tests and attend the final examination. Once you clear the examination, you will receive the provider card.

. Do most Hospitals accept Online BLS Certifications?

Many Hospitals have recognized the value of legit online BLS Certifications and have started accepting from the past 2 years. The number of hospitals accepting the certification will keep on increasing in the future.

Still the rules of accepting may vary from employer to employer. It is recommended to check on their requirements before joining a program.

. Should you buy the textbook for BLS Course?

It is recommended that you buy the textbook as CPR has brought significant changes since 2015.

Moreover, these textbooks comes with quick reference pocket guides which helps you in revising concepts.

. How can you claim your AHA BLS e-card?

An email is sent to each candidate on successful completion of the BLS Course. After an e-card is assigned you will receive an email where the link to the e-card is provided.

After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the official AHA website where your primary details will be shown. This is the time where you can make edits or save changes to the details provided. After confirming the information, you will be asked to setup a security question with which you will gain access to the BLS e-card in the future.

. Why does the New AHA BLS Card say ‘BLS Provider’ and not ‘BLS Healthcare Provider’?

The target of audience for the BLS Course have changed over time. Today, healthcare providers work in both inpatient and outpatient facilities. So the BLS Course have been designed to incorporate these changes and help them equip effective skills.

The materials also include training for prehospital and in-facility healthcare providers.

. How long is the BLS Certification good for?

BLS Certification is valid for 2 years.

. How can you save your cost if you wish to study BLS Course?

A single BLS Course can cost upto 5000 INR whereas if you opt for BLS ACLS Certification (AHA), it will only cost you upto 7000 INR. Plus, you become eligible for most healthcare facility’s requirements.

Have some other questions of BLS or ACLS Course in mind? Share with our experts to get the best tips and advices.