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Take care of your Heart in this coming Winter Season!

Take care of your Heart in this coming Winter Season!

This is a small message to you conveying the suggestions of the American Heart Association to avoid heart attacks this winter holiday season.

Every one of us is heading towards the end of the year and it is December. Most of us will prefer to stay at home. It is a good thing considering we are still not relieved from the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, it doesn’t mean that you should be sitting lazily at home because exercise for your heart is needed to keep you up.

Why more caring is needed for your heart in Winters?

The temperature drops down during winters spreading cold weather. This in turn makes our bodies colder! In response, the body tries to adjust the body temperature to remain warm. Remember when you shiver during cold weather? Yes, that is one of the tricks your body does to adapt to the colder weather.

Do you know who is responsible for keeping the body temperatures stable? It is the heart! You know very well that your heart keeps on working 24/7 without a break. The only time the heart slows down is when you sleep but still, it doesn’t stop working. For the heart, it is more worse in winters as it has to work harder to pump blood (which is thicker at cold temperatures) to maintain body heat.

This can result in heart attacks and high blood pressure!

So what can you do to take care of your heart from now on?

Team up with your heart to beat the winter and to stay safe from heart attacks. American Heart Association, the council providing global awareness on heart health has a few basic suggestions to put forward-

Identify and keep on check with your symptoms- Most cardiac doctors around the world states in one voice that each one’s heart give out symptoms before cardiac arrest or heart attack happens. The starting symptoms could be very least like numbness.

In these cases, panic is not a solution. Make use of Emergency Medical Services near you. Call on emergency number! Medical professionals, you reach here has undergone Emergency Medical Course such as the First Aid Course (AHA).**

Restrict Celebrations- No one has the right to limit you from the joy and enjoyment of a holiday season. But remember every festive season has an effect on your body through the food you intake. Try to avoid alcohol or know to put a stop to consumption. Remember to eat green leafy vegetables.

Free your mind- As the year ends, there are many things you have to go along. There are reasons for joy, worry and more. There will also be deadlines for work and maybe financial constraints. Whatever it is, do not let them stress your mind. The more your mind worries, the more the effects will be on your body. Take time for yourself!

Do not forget exercise- The AHA council recommends 150 minutes of physical activity this week. This includes the holiday week too. In addition, try being active and move around as much possible you can. Outdoor activities are preferred but may not be possible this season. So keep on trying some physical activities at home.

And for the last one, make this end of the year memorable!

**IIEMS, as a BLS ACLS Training Center is America Heart Association affiliated, providing AHA courses such as BLS, ACLS, CPR Training etc in India. IIEMS is headquartered in Kottayam (Kerala), Kochi (Kerala) and Trivandrum (Kerala). We also provide Ambulance Services as part of Emergency Medical Services. To avail, EMS please call+91 944 600 0478