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BLS and ACLS- The AHA Courses that cover complete First Aid training

BLS and ACLS- The AHA Courses that cover complete First Aid training

Hospitals all over the USA has accepted the importance of First Aid, CPR and ECC in emergency medicine. Medical professionals through the American Heart Association council can take up courses that offer in-depth knowledge of emergency medical services training.

A serious problem facing cardiac arrest victims for first aid is a lack of time and management. The percentage of people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest has grown drastically according to the census. And almost in the majority of cases, death could be prevented if these victims were provided with emergency care.

The basic reason for cardiac arrest is due to the cause of a heart attack wherein the normal rhythm of the heart gets changed which disturbs the flow of the blood. The process of CPR has compressions to the chest that can pass a small amount of blood to vital organs before fatality. An automated External Defibrillator can be lifesaving with its shock passing to the body to bring back the normal rhythm of the heart

Taking the use of CPR and a defibrillator, emergency departments of hospitals can save more lives comparatively if the first responders to the emergency can get the right emergency medical responder training. Every minute of delay for the use of a defibrillator can result in loss of life This is where corporate first aid training is taken with serious consideration.

The American Heart Association skill courses for doctors and nurses are today followed globally and have been seen effective in many hospital emergency departments. Because the nurses and doctors are the first members to face the patient in an emergency. The courses are set in guidelines to create a modern medical professional to give quality healthcare at the best in emergency situations. This has made IIEMS, one of the premier training institutes of AHA today

AHA Council has officially partnered with the Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services to provide all AHA Courses to doctors, nurses, physicians, emergency medical technicians and more. These courses are strictly followed according to the measures of the American Heart Association with its importance recognised by the Government of India.

BLS Course is the starter course that is provided outside hospitals in case of emergencies where the patient does not have enough time to reach the nearest hospital. A more focus on CPR and AED with how they are administered is counted in this course. BLS Certification is valued in the majority of hospitals in all states of the country. A detailed view of the course and the trends will be discussed in coming times.

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ACLS Course is more like a continuation to BLS course affiliated with American Heart Association(AHA). In addition to the basic knowledge, CPR and AED, the focus is more towards the use of technical knowledge using medical equipment like electrocardiogram(ECG), medication knowledge suggesting the right dose of medicine and management. BLS ACLS Certification can be done in one follow up the course at IIEMS conveniently for doctors, nurses and other emergency medical responders.

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Emergencies can be for children too! Response for kids is different than adults which requires the knowledge of kids anatomy and physiology. Their body is under development as they are in their growing stages. PALS Course emphasizes critical skills and training in pediatric healthcare providers.

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The skills and training are a different experience for every practioner which cannot be offered online. Considering it IIEMS has taken 3 major locations distributed in Kerala (Kottayam, Kochi and Trivandrum), where medical professionals all over Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu can conveniently reach for certification. You can select the nearest centre of IIEMS while booking courses each time. Also, programmes in IIEMS are frequent in all these centres so that you can schedule accordingly