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IIEMS Successfully Conducted 57th ATLS Course in Kochi!

IIEMS  Successfully Conducted 57th ATLS Course in Kochi!

Dealing with trauma requires a systematic and holistic approach. IIEMS successfully trained the 57th batch of ATLS Course at IIEMS Kochi. The students of this batch included a group of young doctors who were passionate about what they do.

ATLS Course is a more intensive course than others like the BLS, ACLS and ITLS courses. The course pre-requires adequate knowledge of medical theory and practical experience. Along with these skills, what makes the course more appealing is the attitude that the surgeon displays during emergency situations. Fortunately, the 57th batch consisted of potential surgeons who are dedicated to improving patient care in the coming future.

Moments of 57th ATLS Course in Kochi by Team IIEMS

Affiliated with the American College of Surgeons (ACS), IIEMS follows international standards recommended by ACS in administering the ATLS Course in our centre at, Kochi. Senior training faculty is experienced with the set standards provides the candidates with a disciplined manner to approach a patient suffering from Trauma.

Quick decision making and analysis are the skills that are focused on during ATLS Course. These skills can save patients at critical times. To strengthen these skills, ATLS starts with training candidates under medical simulation. The first hour of initial assessment and priority management is made clear to the candidates after this session.

Interactions happen during the group sessions where many past experiences were put forward by the students and the providers. The points mentioned in the interaction were put together to come forward with an improved strategy.

The later part of the session includes a live application of the theory advocated in the class. The initial level of practicals is conducted on the mannequins, which were then followed by studying live human cases. For that, the students enacted real-time traumatic situations and all of them learned from each other.

As a final note, learning never stops, particularly if it is involved with the medical field. Medical Technology has improved sustaining the life of people. IIEMS as a centre for BLS ACLS Certification (AHA), ITLS & ATLS keeps on improving our courses matching to the needs & requirements of modern times.