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Highlights of 54th ATLS Course at IIEMS Ernakulam

Highlights of 54th ATLS Course at IIEMS Ernakulam

The lockdown caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 had stopped many courses providing skill training for Medical professionals. At the same time, most medical professionals such as doctors and nurses were occupied with work which can also be counted as another factor for them from attending the courses. But time is a factor as experience counts which makes this situation difficult.

Most educational institutions have successfully moved to online learning, but medical courses in a core sense cannot be completely made available online. You can guess the reason easily! Medical professions are more of acquiring skills and involve living beings than machines to whom these procedures are carried out. This is why when most branches of education accepted online learning, the branch of medicine took it slowly.

In time, AHA Courses were made available online officially authorised by the American Heart Association. BLS ACLS Certification can be done in a 3-day online course with the final day of practicals at the training center. But this same cannot be applied for the ATLS course.

ATLS Course designed by the American College of Surgeons revolves around improving the care of surgical patients suffering from intense pain. The source of pain could be musculoskeletal involving tissues, ligaments or bones. The pain can be from accidents, burns or climatic fatalities. To summarise, trauma care training requires in-depth knowledge of human anatomy with real-time clinical experience.

View 54th ATLS Course Highlights from IIEMS Ernakulam

Using the slight relief on the pandemic situation, IIEMS Ernakulam has successfully conducted the 54th ATLS Course training under covid protocols. This was a 3-day trauma care training workshop that will be beneficial for doctors and physicians (MBBS, MD etc). In India, trauma care is gaining more importance in modern times. Thanks to the combined efforts of the American College of Surgeons & Advanced Trauma Life Support in India brings more awareness to professionals practising medicine in India.

Why IIEMS for ATLS Course?

IIEMS stands second just after All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in being the Indian Chapter for American College of Surgeons (ACS). What once started as a small community is expanding over the world with its practices recognised by many health departments of different countries. IIEMS is also one of the official associates of ACS.

Other than ACS affiliation, IIEMS forms associations with International Trauma Life Support Inc (USA), George Washington University (USA), North Shore Health Systems- USA and All India Institute of Medical Science (New Delhi, India).

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