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AHA Online Certification Courses are available at IIEMS

AHA Online Certification Courses are available at IIEMS

As our nation is still in the fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services (IIEMS) also takes precautionary steps in the mode of teaching courses. With COVID protocols, we have still classrooms on different medical courses and training. But if you are someone who cannot attend the live classes here is your chance to earn BLS ACLS Certification (AHA) and more.

This also benefits students who are present in other states of the nation to have a chance to be certified. Also, these courses are beneficial to medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and paramedics who have tough schedules to join IIEMS centres of Kerala in Kochi, Kottayam and Trivandrum.

The AHA courses having online certification are-

1. BLS Course

This is a basic skill training for medical professionals as well as non-medical professionals as it is important in any situation as life-saving skills are trained. The BLS Course is useful for the treatment of adult patients and children in emergencies. The life-saving skills include high-level CPR procedures, single person or team rescue protocol and basic guidelines to follow in clinics and hospitals.

BLS Course is always combined with ACLS Course to form a 3-day classroom course with each day given to cover the theoretical side of the course. Additionally, the candidate or student taking the BLS course needs to attend the practical session in the IIEMS training center.

Register for Online BLS Course here!

2. ACLS Course

ACLS Course gives advanced skills in the form of knowledge and training of medical and other related professionals used for performing critical procedures to save a patient’s life. A person gaining ACLS will provide efficient care in respiratory, cardiovascular and other emergencies using tactics and algorithms.

ACLS Course as previously mentioned is combined with BLS Course to form a 3-day workshop with the student achieving BLS and ACLS Training in India. BLS ACLS Certification is complete when the student attends the practical at one of our training centres.

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3. PALS Course

It is just practising the guidelines of ACLS in an in-depth mode for treating emergencies in young patients such as kids and infants. The resources are reviewed to the latest procedures ensuring compliance with regulations and guidelines accepted by the medical authorities.

PALS Course online can be attended at your convenience. All you have to do is to register yourself in the link given below and wait for the opening of the next class scheduled for the PALS Course.

Register for PALS Online Course here!

4. CPR Course

In terms of the AHA Course, this comes in Heartsaver/First Aid/ CPR AED Course. This is where skills used for emergency services are mostly from. Hands-on training is needed for CPR and experience with defibrillators are needed to cover AED. In short, more live classes and testing sessions are involved here.

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Still, doubts about the courses? Talk personally to your online instructors here at IIEMS.