Basic Hospital Disaster Management Course

IIEMS Certified

The standardized training helps us to provide a common vocabulary and working knowledge necessary to ensure that all candidates understand their role and how they are integrated with other segments of the disaster response system.

The IIEMS Disaster Management Workshop which comes with every Courses in Emergency & Disaster Management emphasizes the “ALL HAZARDS” approach to personal, institutional and community disaster management through the introduction of two unique mnemonics. Workshops are available at IIEMS Kottayam(Kerala), IIEMS Kochi(Kerala) and IIEMS Trivandrum(Kerala).


  • The PRE-DISASTER Model
  • The DISASTER Model

Course Contents

  • Hazard vulnerability analysis for the hospital
  • Hospital incident response system
  • Individual roles and responsibilities
  • Hospital capacity and capability analysis
  • Response Capacity Development
  • Incident Command Systems
  • Triage
  • Surge Capacity for medical response
  • Post disaster recovery

This course is designed to lays the foundation for all the members to come together as a team to enhance personal and hospital preparedness and resilience for catastrophic health emergencies. It also provides a framework to enable emergency medical services and other response personnel to work as partners in Hospital preparedness and response efforts during Disasters

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