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Announcement- Seats for PHTLS Course on October 18th and 19th are open for booking!

Announcement- Seats for PHTLS Course on October 18th and 19th are open for booking!

Started as a prehospital version of the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course, the Pre Hospital Training Life Support has evolved to the needs of modern healthcare. Its importance is being well known globally with centres around the world providing prehospital care training to medical professionals.

The growing popularity means the opportunities for students who have cleared PHTLS Course are spreading throughout every Hospital Emergency Department. There may be significant changes to rules for health in different countries but the PHTLS provided under the certification as one of the NAEMT Course makes a candidate flexible to work focusing on Trauma Care in any country.

The direction of the course is controlled by the American College of Surgeons in partnership with the NAEMT council. For more than two decades, this partnership has helped in the popularity, importance and constant up-gradation of the PHTLS Course.

The 9th edition of the PHTLS Course is currently followed incorporating ATLS 10th Edition guidelines.

What is new in the PHTLS Course?

This course aims to improve the quality of Trauma care thereby decreasing the death rate of those victims in emergencies.

An evidence based approach is taken in this edition to clarify and strengthen the topics into the knowledge base of every candidate pursuing PHTLS.

The importance to focus on XABCDE in Trauma care is taken vastly into consideration. Here the principles of exsanguinating haemorrhage control are highlighted. We will focus more on the XABCDE approach on a later day with reference to the MARCH assessment.

Training medical professionals to implement critical thinking is another area of focus the course has developed in order to achieve quality trauma care. The new edition involves

  • Targets for Blood Pressure with resuscitation
  • NAEMSP & ACS-COT termination of resuscitation guidelines

Details on PHTLS Courses conducted on 18th & 19th of October 2021

The session starts on the 18th of October in the morning by 9 AM at the earliest. The mode of the PHTLS Course is via online which is suitable for students and professionals from all over the country. The training materials and resources are provided by IIEMS Kottayam. You can also visit us directly at any of our IIEMS centres at Kottayam, Kochi and Trivandrum.

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