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Only 2% of People in India know to give CPR!

Only 2% of People in India know to give CPR!

It is surprising to know how such an important lifesaving method that any ordinary person can learn is still not known to 98% per cent of our nation’s population. Is it due to the lack of quality Emergency Medical Care training in India or the ignorance of people?

India has around 1.5 billion population. The increasing literacy rate can make anyone believe that the people in India are equipped with basic skills needed at times of emergency. But the fact can be harsh knowing that there is no shortage of heart attacks or cardiac arrests among the people of our country.

Reports show that about 4,280 people out of 1 lakh people suffer from cardiac arrest every year in the country. Deaths due to the cardiac arrests are above 53% with each year. If the deaths were 18,309 in 2014, the number of death after 2019 accounts to more than 28,005.

The distance between the effect of cardiac arrest and death is too short which means only quick actions can save a person suffering from cardiac arrest. It may not be possible for ambulances from the nearest Hospital Emergency Department to reach in such short duration. There are also reports that show 80 to 82 % of Cardiac Arrests are taken place outside hospitals. Not all cardiac arrests can be ignored looking at the rates of death. Every minute 112 people are nearing to death due to cardiac arrests.

Every person can take precautions to avoid cases of Cardiac Arrests. But this won’t guarantee that it will never happen. At cases when it happens, one needs to administer CPR. And for administering CPR, one should have basic CPR Training.

What is CPR?

CPR or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR is a lifesaving technique which consist of manual compressions and ventillations to chest for patients in cardiac arrest which can save time until the help of ambulance arrives. If CPR is not given, the victim will have brain injury.

Medically CPR Training (AHA) comes under BLS ACLS Certification (AHA) but any layman can be trained CPR. CPR can be administered within 5 to 10 minutes. Any cardiac arrest that goes beyond 7 minutes can put the patient to risk. This is what the public has to be made aware of.

For more than a decade, IIEMS has been in the Emergency Medical Services Training and as a responsible organization joins to spread public awareness on the importance of CPR Training. As a reader, you too can join hands with us by joining for First Aid, CPR Training or BLS Course in India with IIEMS. Another way in which you can educate the public is by spreading the word and sharing this article with your friends and family.