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Common doubts you have about ACLS Course!

Common doubts you have about ACLS Course!

The healthcare industry globally has accepted the need for BLS and ACLS Courses. Almost all Hospital Emergency Department now requires medical professionals to have an ACLS Certification. It has been observed that those who have valid ACLS certification have 97.2% industry recognition compared to other healthcare professionals. So it's natural that the demand for ACLS Courses can be higher.

With the onset of such demand, misleading information and fake ACLS course providers increases. Huge discounts and short time certification are some of the common marketing tactics used to lure aspirants. This results in bad experiences for students joining these fake institutions which can affect their careers. Altogether, bad experiences from institutions can give rise to doubts in the minds of candidates who wish to pursue ACLS.

To make your search easier, we have got the answers to the majority of the doubts you may have in your mind to help you get a certified ACLS Course Provider.

1. Can you do an ACLS Course online?

Ans. Yes ACLS Course is available both online and offline.

AHA affiliated ACLS Courses require a candidate to attend classes at the affiliated institution for skill testing even if the course is taken online.

2. How to know if the ACLS course provided by the institution is valid?

Ans. a. Yes ACLS Course is available both online and offline.

b. If the candidates wish to join the online course, check whether the ACLS Course is compliant with NBECC (National Board of Emergency Care Certification).

c. Make sure that the ACLS Course providers offer an affiliated ACLS Card

3. Are all ACLS Courses recognized by the American Heart Association (AHA)?

Ans. The reputation of institutions providing ACLS Courses does not play any role in the AHA accreditation. AHA has a pre-set of standards that are globally recognized.

Not all ACLS Courses are recognized by AHA as some courses do not follow the pre-set standards set by the AHA Council.

4. Is ‘only 1-hour certification for ACLS’ true?

Ans. Many course providers in the market come up with attractive offers and promises such as 1-hour ACLS Certification. In reality, 1 hour certification is not possible for many students. ACLS requires strong foundation of medical knowledge and experience which may not be the same for all candidates.

5. How long is an ACLS Certificate valid for?

Ans. An ACLS certificate is valid for 2 years.

6. Can you retake ACLS if you have failed in the first attempt?

Ans.Yes, if you fail to pass in the first attempt of ACLS, the program resets & gives you further time to complete the examination.

7. What all to verify in your ACLS Certificate Card?

Ans.Check for the following details-

  • Provider’s Name
  • Date of Issue
  • Recommended date of renewal
  • AHA Logo
  • Card Number of Provider

8. How long should you wait to get a newly issued ACLS Provider Card?

Ans.You will get the card within a week mailed to your email after successful completion of the ACLS Course.

What all questions do you have on ACLS Course? If you have questions other than the above mentioned, we are looking forward to answering your questions. Contact us to know more on BLS ACLS Training.